Pre twisted optical cable hardware

防振锤 Damper


功能用途/ Function and Purpose


Dampers respond to wind induced line aeolian vibration that is characterized by high frequency and low amplitude motion.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Stockbridge type damper.

²  Frequency protection: 6Hz-150Hz, four Resonance frequencies.

²  使用须知/  Consideration


²  Catalog No. and Parameter of the conductor.

²  Parameter table of Damper

序号 No.

导地线直径 Dimension of Conductor

档距 Span

每侧一只防振锤 1 set damper / The side of span

每侧二只防振锤 2 sets damper / The side of span

每侧三只防振锤 3 sets damper / The side of span