Pre twisted optical cable hardware

拉线用预绞式耐张线夹 Preformed guy wire clamp


功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The clamp is mainly applied to fix the guy wires of the various types of poles or towers. It can replace the wedge clamp and U-T clamp used at present.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Guy wire is finely protected because stress is equally distributed in large touching area without intensive stress pivot.

²  The grip is more than 95%RTS of guy wire.

²  The materials of clamp selected good quality materials to against corrosion.

²  Simple structure is convenient for installation. Manual operation on the spot without any requirement of the special tools.

²  Good resistance to vibration performance.

²  The revolving directions of the clamp shall be kept consistent. Generally, the standard dead-end clamp adopts right rotation. Please order in advance if you require left rotation.

使用须知/  Consideration

²  Select suitable dead-end clamp according to the guy wire specification.

²  The clamp can be used only once.

²  This product can be only operated by trained and skilled worker.

²  Be careful during working on live line or accessories to prevent electric shock.


应用实例/ Application