Fastened Fitting

紧固夹具/ Fastened Fitting


直线塔用紧固夹具 Fastened fitting for straight tower

耐张塔用紧固夹具 Fastened fitting for strain tower

杆用紧固夹具 Fastened fitting for pole



功能用途/ Function and Purpose

Fastened fitting is used to the connection of Dead-end clamp and suspension clamp with pole or tower.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Hot dip galvanized surface treatment, against rust and corrosion.

²  We design series of fastened fitting for standard pole or tower.

技术要求 / Technical Requirements

Compliant with of DL/T 768.7-2002: Manufacture quality specification for electric power fittings hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles.

选型方法/  Lectotype Method

²  Fastened fitting can be used on pole or tower.

²  For pole, please supply the diameter of pole where installed.

²  For tower, please supply the width of tower where installed.