Armor rod

护线条 Armor rod

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The main function of armor rod is to increase the stiffness of conductor, reduce the dynamic bending stress during vibration of conductor. Armor rod has a simple structure, wrapping around the conductor and preventing it from damage.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Armor rod enhanced self-damping and reduced the wear and tear.

²  The materials of splice rod selected good quality AL-Alloy. It has excellent mechanical performance and against corrosion performance.

²  Simple structure is convenient for installation. Manual operation on the spot without any requirement of the special tools.

使用须知/  Consideration

Armor rod can be adopted for repair when less than 25% of strands are broken in conductor.

应用实例/ Application

The installation and use of the shock proof hammer in the pre twisted electric hardware.
After the installation of impact hammer, the amplitude of conductor and ground wire decreases, and the frequency of stable vibration is extremely rare. It can effectively control all levels of wind vibration and ensure the service life of conductor and ground wire from the surface. Composition: galvanized hammer, hot galvanized steel strand, aluminum alloy clamp, stainless steel bolt and other functions: eliminate or reduce the vibration caused by various factors during the operation of optical cable, and protect the hardware of optical cable. Characteristic:

1. Using a typical rake design, the frequency protection can be extended to a wide band of 6Hz to 150Hz, in which there are four resonant frequencies. 2. The hammer head wheat harvest suspension line is bonded and can bear the mechanical load under the conditions of installation, maintenance and operation. Three. Unique shape design will not accumulate ice or water. Four. The installation is convenient and safe, and the conductor and ground wire are not damaged. 5. The impact hammer adopts anti corona design, which can prevent the occurrence of corona. Factors causing vibration: spacing, tension, wind speed, wind direction, structure size of ground wire and cable, etc. Scope of application: suitable for suppressing the vibration of overhead power line conductor and ground wire.

But the amplitude is very large, which is easy to cause phase to phase flashover, causing line trip, power failure or conductor damage. A hammer is just a piece of iron. Because it is attached to the suspension point of the line tower to absorb or weaken the vibration energy, change the swing frequency of the line, and prevent the line from vibration or galloping. Application: the vibration damper in pre twisted power fittings is widely used in ADSS optical cable, OPGW optical cable and power overhead conductor to eliminate or reduce the laminar wind vibration on the conductor and optical cable and prevent the damage of clamping hardware and optical cable. Flash point: the impact hammer adopts rake structure design, the center of large and small hammers is slotted, the connection between steel strand and hammer head is exposed, the fatigue damage of steel strand can be observed, the swing of hammer head is not limited, the steel strand is not damaged by friction, multiple resonance frequencies can be obtained, which is suitable for cable diameter of 9.5mm-27mm (including the diameter of clampable cable of protective wire). Composition: the hammer head connecting the steel strand is fine steel strand, and the protective wire is aluminum alloy wire.