Preformed splice rod for conductor

预绞式接续条 Preformed splice rod for conductor

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

Preformed splice rod mainly include patch cord splice rod and full tension splice rod. Therefore, it can replace the jumper connector clamp, parallel groove clamp and splicing sleeves.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  The grip is more than 95%RTS of conductor because stress is equally distributed in large touching area without intensive stress pivot.

²  The materials of splice rod selected good quality materials to against corrosion.

²  Simple structure is convenient for installation. Manual operation on the spot without any requirement of the special tools.

²  Good resistance to vibration performance.

使用须知/  Consideration

²  Select suitable splice rod according to the conductor specification.

²  The clamp can be used only once.

²  This product can be only operated by trained and skilled worker.

²  Be careful during working on live line or accessories to prevent electric shock.

The pre twisted binding wire is used, and the distribution binding wire made of aluminum clad steel is used to bind the conductor and fix it in the top slot of the pin insulator. Compared with the top clamping insulator or manual bonding wire, the fixation effect of distributed bonding wire is better.

Features of pre twisted power fittings

Compared with manual welding wire, the effect of fixing conductor of distribution welding wire is better. The design of distribution state line allows the conductor to produce a certain degree of controllable motion, and under certain conditions, it can also make the conductor return to its original position. The yield and recovery ability of bonding line under different loading conditions is called "rebound", and each bonding line has this characteristic;

Strong material: the bonding line is made of aluminum clad steel or aluminum alloy wire, and the material strength is far higher than the manual soft aluminum bonding line;

The distribution connecting line is closely matched with the insulator, which can resist the upward load and prevent the conductor from jumping off the insulator;

Impact load: the elastic coupling line is the absorber of impact load. It will reduce the load and keep the wires safe. Under all kinds of vibration conditions, low frequency swing, high frequency wind vibration and swing, the bonding wire will not be loose and will not cause wire wear;

Strong consistency: the design makes the binding wire easy to be installed correctly, and the factory prefabrication process makes the binding wire closely cooperate with the conductor and insulator with strong consistency;

Radio interference: the radio interference voltage (RIV) characteristic of distribution bonding wire is the same as that of corresponding good manual bonding wire. In the process of using, the preformed bond line always has good coordination, and its riv characteristics are better than the loose bond line;

Double support: in the double cross arm structure, when the conductor passes through the road, railway or the conductor turns, the double support binding line can fix the conductor on the insulator safely;

Angle of pre twisted power fittings:

A. General guidelines: generally, the insulator installed vertically shall be installed, and the allowable line angle of the electric connecting line shall be less than 10o. When the insulator is installed on a slope with a certain angle from the vertical direction, a larger angle is allowed, which depends on the actual slope of the insulator. The use of side bonding line and distributed bonding line in the same structure will also affect the allowable line angle of the structure;

B generally speaking, the conductor shall be located in the insulator slot, and the maximum allowable actual line angle of the state line is related to various constraints, such as conductor size, tension, span, sag angle, insulator type and direction, etc. For more information on line angles, consult your company.