Preformed suspension clamp for conductor

导地线用预绞式悬垂线夹 Preformed suspension clamp for conductor

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The clamp is used on supports to suspend conductor.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Double suspension clamp can be used for long distance transmission lines across rivers and supports with big tuning angles ( that is 30°-60°).

²  Good resistance to vibration performance.

²  The clamp has a slip load of more than 20%RTS of cable. It protects the safe operation of cable in the unbalanced loads condition for a period time.

²  The materials of rod selected good quality aluminum alloy wire are against corrosion and improve the mechanical properties.

²  The end of the armor rod is processed with spherical surface treatment to increases corona inception voltage.

²  Conductor is finely protected because stress is equally distributed in large touching area without intensive stress pivot and stiffness is strengthened at the fixing point.

²  The revolving directions of the clamp shall be kept consistent. Generally, the standard dead-end clamp adopts right rotation. Please order in advance if you require left rotation.

使用须知/  Consideration

²  Select suitable suspension clamp according to the conductor specification.

²  The clamp can be used only once.

²  This product can be only operated by trained and skilled worker.

²  Be careful during working on live line or accessories to prevent electric shock.

The pre twisted power fittings were invented by the company in 1940s. In recent decades, the pre twisted fittings have been successfully used in many high voltage lines abroad. The preformed alloy fittings in China have been used since 1980s, mainly for ADSS, OPGW and UHV transmission lines.

Since the ice disaster in the south of China in 2008, the pre twisted parts have been used in the area where the power grid is located. According to a large number of operation data of overhead lines, the pre twisted power fittings are superior to the traditional fittings in terms of decentralized concentrated stress, no tool installation, long service life and small loss of fittings. Although the production cost of pre twisted fittings is slightly higher than that of traditional power fittings, in the long run, the use of pre twisted fittings can greatly reduce the line operation cost.