Pre twisted power fittings manufacturer

Pre twisted power fittings manufacturer

拉线用预绞式耐张线夹 Preformed guy wire clamp

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The clamp is mainly applied to fix the guy wires of the various types of poles or towers. It can replace the wedge clamp and U-T clamp used at present.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Guy wire is finely protected because stress is equally distributed in large touching area without intensive stress pivot.

²  The grip is more than 95%RTS of guy wire.

²  The materials of clamp selected good quality materials to against corrosion.

²  Simple structure is convenient for installation. Manual operation on the spot without any requirement of the special tools.

²  Good resistance to vibration performance.

²  The revolving directions of the clamp shall be kept consistent. Generally, the standard dead-end clamp adopts right rotation. Please order in advance if you require left rotation.

使用须知/  Consideration

²  Select suitable dead-end clamp according to the guy wire specification.

²  The clamp can be used only once.

²  This product can be only operated by trained and skilled worker.

²  Be careful during working on live line or accessories to prevent electric shock.


应用实例/ Application

When the conductor is fatigued, the damaged prefabricated conductor shall be removed, and then the splicing belt shall be installed in the fatigued area, and components shall be installed outside the splicing belt. If you are considering using this product, please consult the company for more technical support. When the included angle of the conductor is between 30 ° and 60 °, the suspension clamp with double supporting points is used to directly connect with the insulator string. Suspension clamp: it is the connecting hardware to hang the optical cable on the transmission line tower. The clamp can reduce the static stress of the optical cable at the suspension point, improve the anti vibration ability of the optical cable, and suppress the dynamic stress of the wind vibration; it can also ensure that the bending of the optical cable does not exceed the allowable value, so that the optical cable does not generate bending stress, so the optical fiber in the optical cable will not generate additional loss. No matter which kind of line breaks down, maintenance and repair will not affect each other. Compared with the type and winding optical cable used in the power system, ADSS is not connected with power line or ground wire, and can be independently erected on the tower without power failure during construction.

Product composition of suspension clamp of pre twisted power fittings:

Inner stranded wire, outer stranded wire, rubber clamp block, shell, right angle lifting ring, U-shaped lifting ring, bolt, nut, etc.

Features of pre twisted products:

1. The stress distribution is uniform without center point. It improves the rigidity of the cable installation point and has good protection performance for the cable.

2. It has good dynamic stress bearing capacity. The double-layer structure plays an important role in protecting the running cable under long-term unbalanced load. The grip strength can reach 10% - 20% of the ultimate tensile strength of the cable.

3. It has a large contact area with optical cable, and is equipped with flexible rubber clamp block, which improves self damping and reduces wear.

4. The surface is flat and the end is smooth, which improves the corona discharge voltage and reduces the power loss.

5. High quality aluminum alloy material improves the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the fixture, greatly extending the service life of the fixture.

6. Convenient installation, no need for professional installation tools, no need for maintenance, reduce construction costs.