ADSS cable hardware manufacturer

紧固夹具/ Fastened Fitting


直线塔用紧固夹具 Fastened fitting for straight tower

耐张塔用紧固夹具 Fastened fitting for strain tower

杆用紧固夹具 Fastened fitting for pole



功能用途/ Function and Purpose

Fastened fitting is used to the connection of Dead-end clamp and suspension clamp with pole or tower.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Hot dip galvanized surface treatment, against rust and corrosion.

²  We design series of fastened fitting for standard pole or tower.

技术要求 / Technical Requirements

Compliant with of DL/T 768.7-2002: Manufacture quality specification for electric power fittings hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles.

选型方法/  Lectotype Method

²  Fastened fitting can be used on pole or tower.

²  For pole, please supply the diameter of pole where installed.

²  For tower, please supply the width of tower where installed.

When many users choose ADSS cable hardware, they will ignore the voltage level parameter. At the beginning of ADSS optical cable put into use, China is still in the underdeveloped stage in the field of UHV and UHV. The common voltage level of conventional distribution lines is also relatively stable in the range of 35KV-110KV. The polyethylene sheath of ADSS cable is enough for protection. But in recent years, the requirement of transmission distance has been greatly improved, and the corresponding voltage level has also been greatly improved. The distribution lines above 110kV have become the general choice of the design units, which put forward higher requirements for the performance of ADSS cable (anti electric trace). Therefore, at sheath has been widely used.

The use environment of ADSS cable is very bad and complex. First, it is laid on the same tower as the high-voltage line and operated near the high-voltage transmission line for a long time. There is a strong electric field around the outer sheath of ADSS cable, which is easily damaged by electric erosion. So generally speaking, when customers understand the price of ADSS cable fittings, we will ask the voltage level of the line to recommend the most appropriate ADSS cable specifications.

Of course, the performance requirements of at sheath (Electrical tracking resistance) make its price slightly higher than PE sheath (polyethylene), which also makes some customers from the cost point of view, without considering the impact of voltage level, can be erected normally.