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螺旋减振器/ Spiral Vibration Damper

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

Spiral Vibration Damper effectively reduces levels of the vibration caused by laminar flow on wire.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Spiral Vibration Damper belongs to a kind of interference damper.

²  It is convenient for installation, one person is enough to finish. Manual operation on the spot without any requirement of the special tools.

使用须知/  Consideration

Number / span:

²  According to the length span.

Everyday Stress of wire

At present, cable accessories are generally provided by ADSS cable hardware supplier. Accessories mainly include: tension line center, guide wire center, suspension line center, anti clamp device, etc. suspension line clamp is generally pre twisted, with the advantages of simple production, good use effect, convenient installation, etc.
Preformed tension clamp shall be preformed according to ADSS cable specification. During installation, the pre twisted wire is wrapped on the ADSS cable. The clamping force is obtained by using the friction between the pre twisted wire and the ADSS cable. ADSS cable is not squeezed, and the grip force of pre twisted wire is evenly distributed, so it is easy to install. The grip strength can reach more than 90% of the damage stress of ADSS cable. It can be used in mountainous areas and other terrain, can also consume breeze vibration energy, improve the vibration resistance of the wire, safe and reliable.

ADSS optical cable carries the transmission and communication of system protection information, and its importance is self-evident. According to different types of optical cables, the construction party shall carefully check before installation. The instruction manual of tools and accessories and the selection principle of tools and accessories shall be provided by the manufacturer. Its safety factor reference value: less than 2.5 in normal operation and less than 1.5 in disconnection. The optical cable with joint on the tower shall be fixed on the tower with guide wire clamp to prevent wind swing and wear. Generally, one is installed every 2 meters. In order to prevent the reverse friction between the light and the tower body under the action of wind, wire clamps can be used to fix the tower body. Before installing the accessories, tighten the ADSS cable fittings at the back tension section.

Generally, the following hardware is used: suspension hardware, pre twist hardware, short span suspension hardware, screw vibration damper, short span tension hardware, etc. the tension hardware is used for the cable terminal or tower body with an included angle of more than 30 °, which is composed of clamp, pre twisted wire, "U" shaped collar and regulating ring. The cable line adopts tower sling with an included angle of less than 30 °. It is composed of pre twisted wire, outer twisted wire and rubber sleeve.