OPGW cable hardware manufacturer

OPGW悬垂线夹/ Suspension for OPGW

OPGW, 内层护线条/ Structural Reinforcing Rod Component, 悬垂线夹(外层护线条)/ Outer Rods, U型挂环/Shackle, 直角环/ Clevis-Eye, 铝套壳/ Housing, 橡胶夹具(块)/ Insret, 接地线/ Grounding Wire


功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The clamp is used on supports to suspend OPGW.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

²  Cables are finely protected because stress is equally distributed in large touching area without intensive stress pivot and stiffness is strengthened at the fixing point.

²  The clamp has a slip load of more than 18%RTS of cable. It protects the safe operation of cable in the unbalanced loads condition for a period time.

²  The end of the armor rod is processed with spherical surface treatment to increases corona inception voltage.

²  Insret (EPDM) enhances the self-resistance and reduces friction.

²  The materials of rod selected good quality aluminum alloy wire are against corrosion and improve the mechanical properties.

技术要求 / Technical Requirements

Compliant with DL/T 766-2003: Technical requirements and testing method of helical fittings for OPGW.

选型方法/  Lectotype Method

²  According to the diameter and strength of the cable.

²  Number of configuration: 1 set / Straight pole or tower

²  Provides the connection type of the first fitting when connection with the pole or tower.

²  Strength class: 60kN, 80kN.

After 3 years of operation of OPGW cable line, open the box regularly every year to check whether there is moisture or water immersion in the box, and replace desiccant, sealing rubber ring or silicone rubber ring at the same time. If it is found that the joint box is seriously damped or soaked, the inspection scope shall be expanded. At present, in the operation and maintenance of OPGW optical cable hardware line of electric power communication, there is no regular open box inspection for junction boxes, resulting in serious flooding of some junction boxes, but the operation and maintenance personnel did not find out. The sealing ring of the connector box is exposed for a long time, which is easy to be damaged by the sun, rain, electric corrosion, insect bite, etc. and it is easy to crack, so that the connector box is affected with damp and damp slowly, which corrodes the fiber core of the optical cable. Therefore, check the junction box regularly and replace the aged sealing ring. The quality of sealing material is the main reason for the failure of sealing performance of optical cable joint box. At high temperature, the sealing material is easy to soften, and at low temperature, the sealing material is easy to embrittle and lose elasticity. The terminal box produced at home and abroad is not reliable in sealing and water tightness.

The statistical data of clock core shows that 90% of the faults in long-distance optical cable lines will affect all the cores in the optical cable, which provides a basis for determining the fault of optical cable by OTDR testing spare cores. Test the attenuation of optical cable with standby optical fiber on a regular basis every year, track the attenuation curve of junction box optical cable, and arrange maintenance plan in time. If the attenuation curve of junction box is abnormal, open the box for inspection. If conditions permit, an on-line optical fiber monitoring system can be set up to monitor the attenuation of junction box position of the whole OPGW cable in real time. Due to the large number of fiber optic cable manufacturers and uneven quality, it is necessary to control the quality management of junction box from the source, and check all links from bidding method, factory acceptance, engineering installation and construction, operation and maintenance.

For example, in order to improve the quality of optical cable junction box, China Unicom conducted a separate centralized bidding for optical cable junction box. The power system OPGW cable junction box can also be separately tendered. According to YD / T 814.2-2005 standard, the appearance, optical performance, sealing performance, repacking performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance of optical cable joint box shall be inspected and tested during factory acceptance. Mechanical property test includes tensile test, flattening test, impact test, bending test and torsion test. Environmental performance test includes temperature cycle test, continuous high temperature test and vibration test. From the appearance, the junction box is complete without burr, air hole, crack and other defects. The remaining fiber in the connector box shall be wound in the fiber placement device. During the installation and use of the connector box, the optical fiber connector shall not have obvious additional attenuation. There are typical test methods for sealing performance, repackaging performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance test.

During factory acceptance, witness or require the manufacturer to provide test report, and select optical cable connector box with network access certificate. The installation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions of the connector box and shall not be arranged in rainy days; the optical fiber shall be cleaned with anhydrous alcohol and dried (the alcohol shall be completely evaporated). Sealing treatment of optical cable and junction box is very important. During the installation of OPGW optical cable fittings, the optical cable reinforcing core shall be fixed as much as possible, and the optical cable sheath shall be compacted to prevent the slip between the optical cable sheath and the reinforcing core.

Sealing tape with good thermal stability shall be used for sealing of optical cable and junction box. The sealing clearance shall be downward or sideways as far as possible to prevent rainwater from entering in case of sealing failure. In order to enhance the adhesion between the heat shrinkable sleeve and the optical cable, it is necessary to ensure that the line optical cable at the front end of the junction box is completely roughened. It is suggested to use the cap type optical cable junction box, which has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing, convenient operation and maintenance, easy to reuse, etc. The sealing strip adopts synthetic rubber or silica gel with memory performance, which can be used for many times without replacement.