What is the function and use of the suspension clamp in the pre twisted power fittings?

2020-01-08 09:34:34 3013

The function and application of pre twisted suspension clamp: the suspension clamp of pre twisted power fittings is used for the connection of ADSS optical cable, OPGW optical cable and other lines in the tangent tower. The use of pre twisted suspension clamp can protect the optical cable, help to reduce vibration and extend the service life of the line.

The complete set of pre stranded suspension clamp consists of: inner stranded wire, outer stranded wire, suspension head and rubber block, U-ring, aluminum shell, bolt, nut, closed pin and other supporting connecting hardware.

Features of prefabricated suspension clamp:

1. The combination of internal and external spiral pre twisted wires can protect the optical cable, make the stress distribution of conductor uniform, without center point, improve the rigidity of optical cable installation point, and have good protection performance for optical cable.

2. The grip strength of clamp is strong, which can reach 10% - 20% of the rated tensile strength of optical cable, and the dynamic stress bearing capacity is strong.

3. The combination of internal and external spiral pre twisted wires can make the contact area between the clamp and the optical cable larger, and it is equipped with flexible rubber clamp block to enhance self damping and reduce wear.

4. The anti corona ring has the function of anti corona ring, which can greatly improve the electric field state of the high-altitude optical cable and the end of the pre twisted wire, reduce the electric energy loss, reduce the electric corrosion of the corona on the optical cable, and extend the service life of the optical cable.

5. Select high-quality aluminum alloy materials to improve the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the pre twisted power fittings, greatly extending the service life.

6. Easy to install. Without special tools, the construction personnel can complete the installation smoothly by hand, the installation quality is easy to guarantee, the weight is light, maintenance free, and the construction cost is reduced.