What are the management measures for the construction process of ADSS cable hardware installation project?

2020-01-08 09:30:56 572

At present, there is no construction specification for ADSS cable in China. Therefore, before construction, relevant personnel must be required to fully understand the characteristics of optical cable, master the main parameters of ADSS optical cable fittings, such as minimum bending radius, maximum side pressure, maximum tension, etc., and require the manufacturer to provide detailed construction technical data. Manual and special person shall supervise the whole process on site. Where the laying goes, the supervision and engineering management personnel of the manufacturer will appear. Technical disclosure must be done well. Review the construction unit's data, material certificate, etc. personnel, equipment, instruments, tools and instruments must meet the construction requirements of ADSS optical cable project. In case of insufficient equipment in the construction team, manual construction shall be adopted, and the cable shall be dragged to the ground to scratch the skin. When installing hardware, trolley operation shall be adopted, or metal equipment shall be adopted (which is easy to cause cable skin damage).

According to relevant data, a section of 220 kV double circuit line of the same tower put into operation in December 1997 was disconnected on August 3, 1998. Through analysis, it is determined that the cause of the cable fracture is caused by the construction personnel installing the pre twisted wire with a screwdriver and accidentally scratching the cable surface. Due to the long-term operation under high field strength (about 19kv), the damaged fiber is corroded by electricity at the scratch of its skin, resulting in the exposure of aramid fiber affected by water. Under the action of leakage current for a long time, some aramid fibers burn out, which eventually leads to cable fracture. The damage of the above external forces to the optical cable is not easy to find even after the acceptance of the tower, but it will bring serious hidden dangers to the safe operation of ADSS in the future, which must be paid great attention to. In the construction of ADSS optical cable, it is required that the optical cable does not rub with the ground during traction, so as to prevent the burr of optical cable sheath and reduce the anti-corrosion ability of optical cable. However, it is difficult to achieve this in the construction process. If there is cable abrasion during construction, different repair methods can be adopted according to the degree and location of abrasion.

When the wear point appears on the tower: when it is slightly worn, special repair tape can be used for binding. At this time, the suspension mode of ADSS cable hardware can be changed, and the suspension hardware can be changed to tighten the hardware to avoid the stress of the wear point. When the wear point appears between the towers, in addition to the normal tie, the wear point of the cable should be moved to the tower to change the suspension mode to solve the problem. However, these remedial measures still need to pass the test of on-site operation time. When the wear is serious and cannot guarantee long-term safe operation, it must be replaced. When there is no power cut during construction, the traction rope with polyethylene and aramid fiber as the main materials must be used. The utility model has the advantages of good electrical insulation performance, light weight, small elongation, no return line after tension release, etc.