What is the installation process of OPGW cable fittings?

2020-01-08 09:20:14 429

OPGW cable is widely used in power system. OPGW cable is a lot of new lines. At the same time, the installation of OPGW cable fittings is particularly important. How to standardize the installation of OPGW cable accessories? Today, I would like to give you a general explanation of the following points:

1. After the OPGW cable is tensioned, accessories and anti vibration devices shall be installed in time to prevent strand breakage due to vibration. Generally, it is not allowed to stay overnight without anti vibration measures.

2. Both suspension clamp and tension clamp are equipped with protection rods, but the specifications are different, so attention should be paid to distinguish them.

3. There are two cases of tension hardware string grounding wire: at the middle junction box, two down leads of OPGW cable are respectively installed with one grounding wire at the front and back of the tower; if OPGW cable directly passes through the tension tower without junction box, only one grounding wire is installed in the front of the tower line.

4. The grounding wire shall be reliably connected with the reserved grounding hole on the tower with M16 bolt near the tower side. (if there is no reserved grounding hole on the tower, it shall be installed on the tower mounting hole)

5. On the tower or steel frame, one downlead clamp of OPGW cable shall be installed every 2.0m, and the OPGW cable shall be fixed on the tower material without holes.

6. A certain gap shall be kept between the downlead of OPGW cable and tower components to prevent the collision and damage between the downlead of OPGW cable and tower components during blowing.

7. When the OPGW cable is led to the junction box, the OPGW cable shall not be twisted to avoid damage to the cable.

8. Fix OPGW cable direct jumper with jumper clamp modified from down lead clamp. See the installation drawing of tension tower in OPGW optical cable for details.

10. Before installing the vibration damper, install the protective rod.

11. In order to facilitate the monitoring of the grounding resistance, the earth wire and optical cable on the door frame of the substation at both ends shall be the strain string with clearance insulator (Note: the special earth wire shall be used for short connection when the insulator is in normal operation).

In order to ensure the quality of the project, it is recommended to conduct another inspection after the installation of OPGW cable fittings to ensure that there is no hidden danger caused by human factors in the line. Finally, I wish the client friend's project a safe and smooth progress.