What are the two characteristics of the hanging clamp in the pre twisted power fittings?

2020-01-08 09:16:02 387


Feature  1: high strength. Due to the large contact area between the suspension  clamp and the conductor in the pre twisted power fittings, the stress  distribution of the conductor is more uniform during clamping, which  greatly reduces the stress of the conductor and enhances the bearing  capacity.  In addition, compared with the traditional fixture, the torque of the  fixture is larger, which is also a great advantage of the pre twist type  through conductor torsion, and its fixity is better than that of the  fixture with fixed nut.

The  grip force of the pre twisted suspension clamp can reach the breaking  force of the conductor, which greatly ensures the safety of the  transmission line. It can be seen that the pre twisted suspension clamp has more advantages than the traditional nut clamp.

Feature 2: low wear generally speaking, the most terrible use of clips is wear.  After all, when the conductor works in the air, even if there is a  shockproof hammer in the pre twisted electric hardware, there will be  some slight impact, which will cause the abrasion between the conductor  and the clamp.  Because the grip strength of the general clamp is not strong, there  will be a certain gap between the conductor and the clamp, so that the  abrasion degree of the conductor is large.