What are the environmental conditions for the use of pre twisted power fittings?

2020-01-08 09:08:16 520

Pre twisted power hardware is a kind of metal accessory connecting and combining all kinds of equipment in power system, which plays the role of transmitting mechanical load, electrical load and some kind of protection. With the development of national economy, the development speed and level of electric power in China have reached a very high level. The application of electric power fittings is almost all over our country, and the demand for electric power fittings has reached an unprecedented level. Electrical circuit fittings can be divided into clamp, connection fittings, connection fittings, protection fittings and stay wire fittings according to their main performance and use.

Electric power fittings can be divided into different types according to different division standards. Most of the fittings need to bear a large tension in operation. Some fittings need to ensure good electrical contact at the same time, which is related to the safety of the conductor or tower. Even if one of them is damaged, it may cause line failure. Therefore, the quality, correct use and installation of fittings have a certain impact on the safe transmission line.

Environmental conditions for use of pre twisted power fittings:

1. The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters.

2. The surrounding medium temperature is not higher than

40 ℃, not lower than - 30 ℃. Note: when the altitude and surrounding medium temperature cannot meet the above conditions, the disconnector can be used according to the requirements of gb311-64 standard.

Note: disconnectors for power supply fittings are not suitable for the following positions.

1. Place in a place with conductive or chemical gas and steam;

2. Where there is a lot of dust;

3. Places with fire and explosion hazards;

4. Place with strong vibration or impact (such as beside electric pick and excavator).